Past Layouts

Layout One

    Features: The Band
    Image From: 4D Pocket CD Booklet
    Period Used: July 18, 2007 - October 19, 2007
    Notes: This layout was used until I made a better layout for the grand opening of Coupling Party. The layout itself wasn't well made since it was made rather quickly.

Layout Two

    Features: Den
    Image From: Cracker CD Booklet
    Period Used: October 19, 2007 - October 28, 2007
    Notes: I actually adored this layout when I first made it. Then really quickly, I got really sick of the layout since it was really pink. I also thought the text was really hard to read, which probably was caused by all of the textures used in the layout.

Layout Three

    Features: The Band
    Image From: So Bad Boy Single Case
    Period Used: October 28, 2007 - December 24, 2007
    Notes: Another layout that I really liked. Like the previous layout, the text was really hard to read. I liked the color scheme for the layout since I normally don't make layouts with a gold/yellow theme. I finally changed the layout since it was up for a really long time.

Layout Four

    Features: Ryo
    Image From: Penalty Area
    Period Used: December 24, 2007 - July 23, 2008
    Notes: I made this from experimenting around. After having it up for about a few weeks, I realized how horrible the layout looked. It also didn't look that great if you didn't have a wide-screen either. I'm actually surprised that the layout lasted that long.

Layout Five

    Features: Nao
    Image From: PV Collection Laser Disk (Scan by Tash [image_or_will @ LJ])
    Period Used: -
    Notes: This layout was never used. I don't know why. It was a pretty decent layout. I guess it must have been how bright the colors were on the layout and the fact it wasn't my scan used in the layout.