Life After BY-SEXUAL

    This section of the site is dedicated to all the members projects that they were apart of. Finding information on Sho and Nao is much harder than it is to find information on Ryo and Den. Sho is mostly managing groups now and Nao is busy running a restaurant.


    BY-SEX was just BY-SEXUAL but without Sho. BY-SEX lasted from 1996 until 1998 when Nao announced that he was leaving the band. The reason why Nao left the band was that he thought it was time to move on. He also said that it was a fun ten years playing with the group. One of their original songs, "Strawberry Shampoo", later became a Zigzo song. They also played the songs, "SOUND CHECK" and "Akuyuu", which both appear on BY-SEXUAL's last album, ALBUM.


    Unlike BY-SEX, ZIGZO was a well received band. ZIGZO was a complete turn-a-round from BY-SEXUAL. Most of the song by ZIGZO were written by Tetsu or by the band as a whole, which is somewhat different from BY-SEXUAL since most of their music was written by Ryo. During a lot of promotional events, whether if it was a PV or a photoshoot, most of the attention was on Sakura and Tetsu. Despite the fact that they were highly popular, they disbanded very early. The main reason was not the oh-so-famous "musical difference" reason that a lot of bands give. They all noticed that the bond that had brought them together was disappearing. Sakura was the one that decided that he wanted out and the other members did not want to continue Zigzo without Sakura. After the disbandment, Ryo and Den formed test-No., showing that despite the fact of working together so long, they still remained friends. Since the disbandment of Zigzo, all of the members still remain friends and they have even jammed together since the disbandment.


    test-No. is Ryo's and Den's side project since the disbandment of ZIGZO. In fact, it's not uncommon for them to perform some of their old music. The songs "Kid" and "Strawberry Shampoo" are two of the handful of old material that they still perform. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to see them play "So Bad Boy". Another thing about test-No. is that both Ryo and Den sing. Since BY-SEX, Ryo's and Den's voices improved a lot. The fact that they are still working together and still have fun on stage, I guess you can call them BFFL-Best Friends For Life.