About The Site

   Website: Coupling Party
   Opened: October 29, 2007
   Version: 7
   Owner: Ayay
   Layout By: Ayay

About The Maintainer

   Name: Ayay
   Date of Birth: April 14
   Blood Type: B
   Email: hana_doku @ yahoo.com
   Favorite Jrock Bands: BY-SEXUAL, Loudness, COLOR
   Favorite Jrockers: Cindy (Color), Dynamite Tommy (Color), Ume (Tokyo Yankees), Mogwai (Kamaitachi), Kazzy (Kamaitachi), Naoki (Decameron), Evakan (Jolly Pickles), George (Ladies Room)
   Favorite BY-SEXUAL Albums: Culture Shock and 94 Love
   Favorite BY-SEXUAL Songs: Akuyuu, Psychic Dance, Do You Like Me?!, and Deep Kiss
   Favorite BY-SEXUAL PV: Thank You For Smile